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Spring Essentials

Spring starts the 20th March 2017 – What better way to be prepared than for me to give you some inspirations.  Spring is my favourite season, I love the crisp, bright colours on the flowers and trees. The early sun rise that motivates me to do more with my time. What’s your favourite season?

So let’s talk spring essentials, time to look at lighter colours, lighter clothing and freeing foot wear. Let’s do this!

Sunglasses are not only the best accessories to any outfit but they ensure full protection from the sun. Have a look at the different types of sunglasses  and the latest trends.

Skirts are a go to, you can wear block colours, lace, patterns or floral detailed. 

Last year, I fell in love with wrap skirts.

 Dresses are a must for spring! They are a timeless piece that can be elevated with a good piece of accessory. 

 Bags and clutches are a girls best friend. They don't have to be boring, let your personality shine through! Experiment with different materials and textures.

Bodysuits, ahh yes, where would I be without my bodysuits? I absolutely love them. My goal is to get more people into bodysuits. I should be called the 'Bodysuit babe' lol. 

Lipsticks are necessary for spring! You can't go wrong with a splash of colour on your lip.

Which spring essential will you be treating yourself to as you transition into spring?

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