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Sexy Black Suede Fringed Sandals

I'm back!!! Yay! Did you miss me? I missed you all so much! So happy to be back.  I took some time off to deal with personal issues, nevertheless, I'm back more focused and better than ever! 

This week's post is all about the sexy new summer sandals you've seen all over my social media, which I recently received from one of my favourite shoe shops, Chockers. I'll add their website at the bottom of the page and you can click on the image to buy the shoes if you wish, don't forget to check them out, they offer so many choices for an amazing value! Believe me! Just to let you know Chockers are having a huge summer sale, like honestly, do you need any more reasons to shoe shop? 

I began shopping at Chockers in 2014, this was around the time I moved to Kent. I can remember the first pair of sandals I bought, oh yes! It was a black leather snake print sandal. I rocked that bad girl like it was no one's business. I even went back to buy a white pair. 

So here's a quick confession - I suffer from impulsive shoe addiction purchase and have no desire to seek support for it.

Here is a picture of the first sandal I bought in 2014 from Chockers if you are reading this can you bring them back? Pretty please. 

Because of my addiction, I got to know the shop owner, received many discounts, and maintained a good relationship. I see this as a good addiction, don't you? The first sandal I'm going to introduce is the very sexy suede fringed sandal in black (size 6) - also available in red and mocha, romantic isn't it? 

The next pair is a black playful faux suede fringed lace-up heel sandal (what a mouthful). ​​ It's extremely comfortable because of the mini platform, also available in red and mocha. 

Okay lovelies, here are a few reasons why you should buy/checkout Chockers: 1. Affordable 

2. Stylish 

3. Comfortable 

4. Deliver worldwide 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy shopping lovelies.  

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