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Time To Rebrand

Hey, beautiful people! 

Happy Good Friday, I hope you are all well and enjoying your Easter break.

This week's post is very short and talking about self-rebranding.

I've recently been thinking about representing myself. This time last year, I could define myself. I was working in a pre-school, planning for a  career within the education sector, hence my degree choice. 

After a while, I decided to take a break from working in education. 

I branched into the administrative work. 

With family life, uni and work to think about, I've lost my way. 

I am questioning my degree choice and career goals, alongside that I'm questioning my image.

If someone was to ask me:

What career goals do you want to achieve?

What personal goals do you want to achieve?

Are you happy?

I would have trouble explaining myself and explaining what I am passionate about, I think it might be time for some personal Spring-cleaning. 

 Sometimes I get caught up in the motions and living day by day and forget why I'm doing the things I'm doing. At this point, I am looking at myself as a package of skills and strength. The package will be the brand I am trying to create.

Have you ever had to think about rebranding yourself?

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