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Jattu Kallon - The Blogger Recognition Award

The Blogger Recognition Award - Say what!!  When I first heard this I shed tears of joy, screamed like a little girl and called my cousin Betty because she's been one of my biggest supporters. She was elated and straightaway planned a celebratory catch-up.   I want to say a massive THANK YOU to my fellow blogger Nabeeda for the recognition and nomination (click on her name to check out her amazing blog). I am truly grateful to accept this award.  So how did I start blogging?  I first started blogging in January of 2014. I had wanted to blog a year before that, but I never did because I was thinking of all the bad things that will happen if I started a blog instead of thinking of all the good things that could happen. One day on my way home, I spoke to a beautiful soul - the conversation was incredibly deep and inspiring, it motivated me to start blogging. I wanted to share my experiences, what I've learnt and continue to learn through personal growth. I am passionate about self-improvement from inside and outside. I wanted to use my blog as an outlet to share with the world in the hope that it will help and inspire others.  And by receiving this award it shows that my blog has actually been helping and inspiring others and I am so pleased I decided to do it. Two pieces of advice for new bloggers 1. My advice for new bloggers is to stay consistent. I need to follow this advice, I aim to post once a week as I have a busy life. That way people can look forward to new content on my site. As long as you post on a regular basis your followers won't mind.  2. Blog about something that interests you in the long-term and you feel passionate about, I know that sounds obvious, but it really does help. One of the main reasons blogs ‘fail’ is because the blogger loses interest or gives up too early. I like to do a bit of everything such as fashion, beauty, health and self-development because I know those are my passion and I won't get sick of them anytime soon.    Also remember to be yourself, enjoy the journey and be a patient success doesn't happen overnight.  Now here are my nominations for 15 outstanding bloggers 1. Live Love Blue - Wellness + natural living influencer 2.From Under a Palm Tree - a lifestyle blog 3. The real-life mum -Mama blogger  4. This mummy is real - Mama blogger  5. The cloud Traveller - Travel & lifestyle blog sharing adventures 6. Glitter Buzz Style- Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle 7. Jade Marie- lifestyle blogger  8. Sarah in Wonderland- beauty blogger  9. Sarah and Ellie Talks - Beauty, Fashion and lifestyle blogger  10. Nia Pattern Looks - Beauty blogger  11. Thinking out loud- Disability and lifestyle blogger. 12. Ramea - Lifestyle blogger  13.Sarah Camille's Scoops- Fashion, beauty lifestyle + blogger  14. Prince and the Peach - Travel Blogger 15. That so darling  Beauty, Food, Lifestyle blogger 

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