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Song of the past

As I'm sitting on the train to London, my songs of the past start playing.

A few of them reminded me of my past heart breaks.

As I was listening I had a wave of thoughts rush through my head.

1.  I was trying to recreate the emotions I felt when I listened to these songs a few years ago. 2. A hint of smile appeared on my face. 3. I couldn't remember the faces/names of the boys that the songs symbolise anymore; I can only think of my fiancé and his heartbreaks.

So I thought to myself, have the heartache I felt listening to these songs been healed by my fiancé? Or has my new experiences replaced the old memories of my broken heart? Wishful thinking? But what I now know is that this is the first time in a very long time that I've had to think about my exes. Very early on in my relationship, I was thinking about my exes and the bittersweet relationship we had but after 9 months it stopped.

After thinking about it I've decided that the possibility of my fiancé healing my broken heart is true. No longer I find my self thinking of them; wondering what they're doing, what they look like now and if they've found the person that they've been looking for.

As I'm writing this I begin to think about what's ahead of me. I have exciting things to look forward like house hunting, career move, wedding and starting a family in the near future.  I wonder to myself if any of them are where I am at this moment in time.

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