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Image Consultant


Imperfection is Beauty!

Hello there, my name is Jattu Kallon. 
I am a proud Sierra Leonean/ Liberian woman and an extremely fortunate mother to a young prince.
My passion for style, design and tech lead me to start an image consulting business. My love affair for style started at a young age from watching shows like 10 Years Younger, Gok Wang 'Fashion Fix' and 'How to look good naked', Dynasty and Fashion War. I got into tech because I was introverted and spent much of my time on the computer, creating webpages and a content creator on Tumblr. 

I started blogging in 2012 and had a significant following on Tumblr and my Facebook page. I then created my first website titled 'Jattu Kallon',  which was primarily about my life, self-development and style. From there, I marketed myself as a social media Influencer, and I got the opportunity to work with brands such as Rimmel London, Always and ROSEN Skincare; I made good money and got free products. 


Influencing opened the door for me to start imaging consulting because my following grew, and people started asking me for styling advice and how to become an Influencer.  In 2017, I founded A Bold You brand, and in 2020 my clientele grew (thanks to COVID) and officially registered my business. 

My goal has been to bring other people business ideas to life, and I am always honoured and blessed when I can do that with A Bold You - be your Bold self always!



My motto

Feel Good - Because the law of attraction is when you feel good and exude happiness, good things find their way to you.

Do More - Confidence in yourself means you do more, venture out for opportunities which means much success comes your way. The grind is hard, but the reward is sweet.

Go Far - Late nights, struggles and self-doubt pay off because you will reach your goals and achieve your dreams.


This is my intention for all my clients!

Value and Professional

“I have used A Bold You (ABY) Consulting over the past few years to redesign my website, logo and other business materials. Words cannot describe the value I have been given by ABY, her values, ethics, and professionalism are above and beyond a 5-star service. Her content and material are beyond up to date, and she is advanced with social media and marketing information to help the business grow. She does her research so you will feel like you have known her for years. She listens to your needs and tailors her approach to find the most value for your business and it shows. "

Let’s Start Working Together!

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